Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

The Faculty is the main unit of EPOKA University, coordinating teaching, scientific research and cultural development in related or overlapping teaching-research areas. The Faculty offers programs of different cycles. The language of instruction in all study programs is English.

The Faculty fully complies with the requirements of the Bologna Process:

  • such as offering study programs in the different cycles of studies. 
  • adoption of both the ECTS credits system and the American credit hour system. 
  • as well as the provision of the diploma supplement for all its graduates.

The academic leading authorities of the Faculty are: 

  • the Dean and Director/Head of the basic unit. 
  • the leading administrative authority is the Faculty Administrator.
  • the academic leading organ of the Faculty is the Decanate. 

CONTACT: Faculty/Dean

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering (FAE)

Epoka University

Address: Rruga Tiranë-Rinas, Km 12, 1039, Tirana/Albania

Phone: +355 4 22 32 086

Fax: +355 4 22 22 117

Email: fae@epoka.edu.al

+355 4 2232 086 - +355 4 2222 117
Rr. Tirane-Rinas, Km. 12 1032 Vore Tirana, Albania
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