Testimony of PhD Student Enrolled in CEN Department

December 13th, 2017

Testimony of PhD Student Enrolled in CEN Department

Testimony of PhD Student Enrolled in CEN Department

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program at the Department of Computer Engineering (CEN) is designed to meet the demands for specialized computer scientists and engineers in industry and in higher education. Program also gives opportunity to qualified students from various academic disciplines for further education at an advanced level in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering.

The Council of Professors of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering convened the first meeting to open the new 2017-2018 academic year on 3rd of November. Based on the provisions of the Epoka University PhD regulation and after evaluation of all candidates’ documents the Council of Professors decided to accept the below mentioned student.

1. Iva Kërtusha- PhD in Computer Engineering

PhD Alumni Testimonial:

Dear all,

I am Iva Kertusha and starting this year I decided to attend the PHD study program in Computer Engineering at Epoka University.
I am a senior software developer and currently I work as a freelancer and as an adjunct lecturer in Epoka University. Working as a software developer, I enjoy being continuously in change, following the latest technology and software developments and approaches. On the other hand, working as an adjunct lecturer in Epoka University, I realized I enjoy the academic life as well; being with students to not only teach but also learn.
Having completed my previous studies in Epoka University and currently working there, I am well aware of the environment this university provides for the students, both academically and professionally. I am sure that by the end of my studies, I will be equipped not only with a diploma, but also with knowledge and experience that I would not be able to get elsewhere in Albania.


We wish her good luck and a successful academic year!!