Epoka University organized the second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design 2 ICAUD

May 10th, 2014

Epoka University organized the second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design  2 ICAUD

Epoka University organized the second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design 2 ICAUD

Epoka University organized the second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design – 2 ICAUD. During the two days of the conference more than 160 participants from 25 different countries presented their academic research papers and studies, including themes such as architectural history and historic preservation, architectural and landscape design, urban/building physic and technology, urban planning and design, architecture and urban design education, and industry & practice in Albanian context.

Speaking at the beginning of the conference the Chairman of the Conference, Assist. Prof. Dr Sokol Dervishi welcomed the participants to the conference stating that the scientific presentations in this conference will inform policies in the year ahead, because the setting of this conference is a gather unique one. According to Prof. Dervishi the conference is an important venue for all architects to reaffirm their commitments and identify key areas in architecture and urban design. “The high prominence of the keynote speakers and delegates, the global character of the attendance, with participants from 25 different countries, and the combination of different areas of research brings to this gathering a variety of experiences”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sokol Dervishi noted.

Welcoming the audience, the Rector of Epoka University, Prof. Dr. Remzi Altın expressed his appreciation to the participants for the sharing of their studies and experiences. According to Prof. Altın the topic of the Second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design is important, because the human culture development is accompanied with formalized knowledge from traditions to practice so architecture became an important part of the society lifestyle. Apparently due to globalization the themes of urban design, environmental sustainability is becoming more relevant every day. “This is the second international conference organized by architecture department and I think it is an important contribution in the architecture field, but also in our future. I believe that it will be very helpful for all of us and you will share your knowledge. Organizing a scientific event is not easy which means that many academicians have convened several of meetings to discuss important issues which matter for the society, for architects and for academicians too. Therefore, Epoka University will continue to do these difficult tasks in order to accomplish its responsibility toward the society, which is one of the main goals of our University”, Prof. Dr. Altın said.
Meanwhile in her speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, Minister of Urban Development and Tourism, Ms. Englantina Gjermeni welcomed the organization of this conference, describing it as an opportunity to create productive debates on issues related to architecture and urban design in Albania. "I would thank Epoka University for organizing this conference. We are in a historical process in urban planning and territorial development issues. We have started the process after we approved the initiative for national territorial plan in Albania; such as the National Plan; Integrated Plan of Tirana and Durres (Durant), especially coast territories”, Minister Gjermeni noted. According to Minister Gjermeni, all these national plans will serve as a guide and define the vision of sustainable urban, social, economic and environmental development in Albania for the next 10-20 years.

The Minister also appreciate the role and contribution of academic and student networks in all consultative processes organized by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, formalized in an agreement signed between the Ministry and universities with branches profiled in these areas in urban planning and architecture. "Through this collaboration we intend to create the conditions for a gradual development of traditional architecture style, to form a dynamic and innovative planning, as an efficiently way which creates new visions and guides on urban development”, Minister Gjermeni said.

The Chairman of the Albanian Architect Association Prof. Maksim Mitrojorgji on behalf of the association thanked the organizers for their contribution in the issues related with architecture and urban design. According to Prof. Mitrojorgji this conference will contribute the theoretical debate and criticism concerning architectural development. “This conference, in our opinion is giving the message that the theoretical debate is very important. Our association considers the building up the debate, and criticism to that, as a major priority for the society we live in. This theoretical debate in coordination with other debates; social, economic and legislature debate, on the urban development that we are trying to work on these days, has been missing in Albania”, Prof. Mitrojorgji said.

Second International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design, organized by Epoka University hosted architecture and urban design professionals from 25 different countries of the world who participating 2-ICAUD Conference and presented their works which comprise of different study fields such as: Architectural History and Historic Preservation, Architectural and Landscape Design, Urban/Building Physics and Technology, Urban Planning and Design, Architecture & Urban Design Education, Industry and Practice in Albanian context. The Keynote Speakers of this conference were Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, Prof. Dr. Bernard O'Kane, American University of Cairo, Egypt, Hermann Knoflacher is a senior professor at Vienna University of Technology.