Dr. Albana Halili presented at the BEMA2014 of the ongoing COST Project in Mulhouse, France

January 5th, 2015

From December 16-18th, Dr. Albana Halili participated at the Workgroup Meeting "Biomedical electrospun materials and applications: Drug delivery systems and 3D structures" (BEMA 2014) in Mulhouse, France. This meeting was within the framework of the ongoing MP1206 COST Action: "Electrospun Nano-fibres for bio-inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications", of which Epoka University is a participating institution. COST Actions are a flexible, fast, effective and efficient networking instrument for researchers to cooperate and coordinate nationally funded research activities.
Around twenty researchers presented their work in the oral sessions and many others in the poster sessions. Distinguished Professor of Polymer Science from University of Akron (USA), Dr. Darrell H. Reneker gave the key note speech. Dr. Halili talk was titled: "Electrospun Natural/Synthetic Nanofibers for Orthopedic Applications". She presented her work on employing natural and synthetic nano/microfibers for orthopedic applications (bone and meniscus tissue engineering), and concluded with awaiting challenges.
The focus of this meeting was on biomedical applications with the opportunity to gather European experts in this field and to allow intensive networking and information exchange. It gave the opportunity to strengthen the contacts between different working groups and to facilitate the further exchange of short-term scientific mission (STSM) candidates as well as to discuss the formation of consortia for H2020 applications.
This meeting addressed aspects related to biomedical, health, and economic, environmental and societal issues. The build-up of databases of electrospun nanofibre properties, protocols for 
growth/synthesis, structure/property relationships, health benefits and health and environmental impacts of electrospinning products and its applications involving academia, research institutions, non academic medical partners and as well industry were discussed. The final goal was to ensure that participating partners had the most up-to-date expertise in respect to novel electrospun nanofibre systems to be used for biomedical applications.