Department of Architecture Starts the Public Voting Phase for the Third Annual International Design Competition

May 13th, 2013

Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Department of Architecture is organizing the 3rd edition of the Annual International Design Competition

for Final Year High School Students – IDCHSS 2013, “Discover the ARCHITECT in You”. Students from High Schools around Albania

participated at this competition and the public vote has become an unavoidable part of IDCHSS evaluation process.

By this vote you would assign the winning 1.phase submission of IDCHSS-2013.

In the following list you may find the 1.phase submissions corresponding to an individual code of applicant.

You may vote on the following poll your best choice.

Thank you for your contribution!

IDCHSS-2013 Organizing Committee  

You may refer to the published finalists by the following link

You may view the images and make your choice via the following link