Announcement for a variety of packages

May 16th, 2013

Dear Students, 

BCCCE 2013 supports the Students too.

 If you are a student and you would like to attend the conference, please consider the following options as attached in the file.

PACKAGE 1                  20 EURO                  Certificate
PACKAGE 2                  30 EURO                  Certificate, Proceedings, CD
PACKAGE 3                  40 EURO                  Certificate, Proceedings, CD, Bag, (LIMITED)
PACKAGE 4                  50 EURO                  Certificate, Proceedings, CD, two lunches
PACKAGE 5           70 EURO Certificate, Proceedings, CD, Bag, two lunches, Welcome Dinner
PACKAGE 6                  40 EURO                  Social Activity (only) (LIMITED)

If you want to get any of the packages, please send an email to: , with a subject “Student Registration Request” and Name Surname and type of package you would like to get.

Looking forward to meeting you in the conference,