Resit Exam Applications

February 20th, 2015

Resit Exam Applications

Resit Exam Applications

Dear Students,

We kindly would like to inform you that the applications for Resit Exams are already on time. The deadline to make the registration for Resit Exams is February 21th-26th, 2015. In this context, Undergraduate and Master students can apply on their SAIS personal account. The students of Master studies can apply only for  deficiency courses.

The steps to be followed for making the applications of Resit Exams are as follow: 

1. SAIS personal account

2. Academics

3. Requests and Forms

4. Resit Exam Request

Note: Students who pass the Resit Exam will receive at most a CC grade and that grade will be considered as the final grade for the respective course. Resit Exams are administered for end-of-semester letter grades: DC, DD, FD, FF and U in Bachelor programs.

The resit exams will take place on March 04th - March 07th, 2015.